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Monster great: Glenn

When Glenn suffers, we all do. 

The victim of the atomic age, a mere human suffering through a radiation accident, Glenn grows to become a colossal man.  Or, as the prequel to the “War of the Colossal Beast” suggests, Glenn becomes “The Amazing Colossal Man”.

Like any man who outgrows every single piece of clothing available to him on earth, Glenn becomes angry.  He wears a loin cloth/diaper and begins to wreak havoc on Las Vegas, smashing lights and destroying slot machines until he falls to his death from the Boulder Dam.  Any declaration of Glenn’s death, like most other monsters, was pre-mature.

Now known as the Colossal Man, Glenn re-emerges in “War of the Colossal Beast.”  Somehow, without anyone really noticing a 60 ft. man walking across the border, Glenn has made his way to Mexico.  He steals to feed his enormous appetite, but is brought back to the US, where he happily manages to destroy Los Angeles.  Northern California sits back and smiles.

Well, not really.

Throughout both films, Glenn’s girlfriend stands as the tiny voice of reason. Desperate to return him back towards humanity, the girlfriend manages to talk Glenn into committing suicide.  It is not the sort of romantic ending that one gets from “Rodan,” but it is all we have.

Glenn is formidable because he is a giant human, although both films seem to shy away from answering questions I always asked when I was a child.  I was about 6 when I saw this film with my father, and for weeks I asked how no one could find the giant Glenn when he should have left trails of poop behind in his path.  Also, where was he doing laundry since his loin cloth was so clean? My father never answered.

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