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Screaming Japanese Anthem

My friend Dave told me Anthem, a heavy metal band from Japan. While I am not a big metal fan, I am quite familiar with Japan’s love for this particular genre of music. Unfortunately, most people are so fixated on the crappy Japanese bands associated with some sort of anime series or film (I don’t put the great Joe Hisaishi’s music in this category) that they have little idea of the crazy jazz or metal music underground that thrives beneath the veneer of eyelid lifts, Harajuku and cosplay. Having grown up around J-Pop and Enka, graduating to Japan’s thin and strange punk scene (the Plastics), I am glad Anthem exists to stampede across the manufactured schlock of V6 and AKB47…although I would not look for this band to be invited to SMAP v. SMAP anytime soon.

Just as well. Anthem can sing harmonies without wailing off key. Zing.

Take Dave’s recommendation on music anytime.

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