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Godzilla, environmentalist

Godzilla might enjoy a keg of radiation, but he is an environmentalist at heart. He saved the earth from the Smog Monster (Hedora) and was instrumental in sending a message against nuclear testing on small islands in both “Godzilla v. the Sea Monster” and “Son of Godzilla”.

Of course, bear in mind that the Godzilla I refer to is the monster that existed from the 40s to the late 70s, and not the Mike Tyson look-alike of the 80s or the one that just liked to step on everything in the 2000s. (Not in consideration is that giant dinosaur that ran rampant through New York.)

There was a logical reason for Godzilla’s own environmental policy. During the late 60s and 70s, Japan was incredibly polluted. Godzilla movies were used as a way to teach children about the environmental causes. These days, Japan has become a model of recycling, and my cousins always speak of environmental concerns. Thank you, Godzilla.

As a small child, I remember a stifling Tokyo summer that was insufferable, with heavy humidity mixed with ugly, smoky skies. I stood in the middle of Ginza, holding my uncle’s hand, as I saw blankets of brown sky limit my view of all the scenery that could have existed down the blocks. There were also times when my aunt would bring me down to Zushi, where I would play on the beach with my cousins. Mt. Fuji would be across from us, but I could never see it because of the pollution. In fact, I remember doubting that Mt. Fuji was across the water until my older cousin’s husband woke me up at 6am and walked me to the beach so that I get an unfettered view of Mt. Fuji, before the winds and pollution could obscure its beauty.

I steer clear of Japan in the summer months now, visiting every year during the Fall through the Spring. It is worth it enjoy the cherry blossoms, the onsen and to see Mt. Fuji in its full glory from that spot on the beach near my cousin’s home in Zushi. There, the waters are blue and fairly placid, and I harbor secret dreams of watching Godzilla rising from the ocean.

I want him to take on fracking.


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