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Category: Short Film

Too much, too little to date

The singles dating game is wrought with plenty of pitfalls, especially when individuals succumb to easy stereotypes. Some woman, for instance, never see the true failings of their partners while others may only want to see the material flash. In “Fritten zum Mittag,” this German comedy short explores the complications of attraction and dating through the experiences of Merle, an attractive fry cook working in a currywurst van.

So about that Facebook friend …


I have always been curious about people who have over 300 – 1000+ Facebook friends.  It is already difficult to read my newsfeed with the few friends I do have, especially since Facebook likes to interrupt and confuse my sessions with their horrible advertisements and status/updates that are listed without regard for date and time.  While the trend might be to impress others by having many Facebook connections, consider the possibility that opening your personal information, photographs and status updates is comparable to allowing both friends and acquaintances to rifle through your computer or purse.