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Monster great: Mrs. Kong


King Kong of the 80’s managed to survive his great fall from the World Trade Center, only to be brought to a secret scientific facility where he kept alive by surgeries and an artificial heart.  To enable Kong’s continued wellness, a female version of Kong is brought to facility as a blood donor.  However, Kong has other, far more amorous plans for the future Mrs. Kong as they join a whole host of other romantic couples on the run.

“King Kong Lives” may keep the giant gorilla legend alive, but they have managed to reduce the male Kong into a romantic beast in constant pursuit of the Mrs..  It is, however, Mrs. Kong who really brings the compassion and thoughtfulness out in the giant gorilla universe with her resilience, large hand swipes and speed, all while pregnant with baby Kong.

To be honest, “King Kong Lives” is about as terrible a film as one could expect in a low budget 80’s movie where the central highlights are when King Kong eats people.  Special effects are special bad, too.  There are reasons to watch it, however, especially for a glimpse of young Linda Hamilton, who stars here as a Kong’caretaker/scientist/doctor bent on seeing the gorillas happy.  Still, even the future Sarah Conner cannot hold a candle to Mrs. Kong.

I knew a Mrs. Kong back in San Francisco, and she was pretty cool, too.

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