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Lurking in “The Shadow”

Classic thriller films have gone the way of 8-track tapes, and it is near impossible to find a modern representation of this genre without becoming overwhelmed with special effects. The end result tends to be a far less engaging and believable as the viewers are asked to buy into incredulous twists that send the film that is wholly inconceivable. Someone is always going to be super strong, extra evil, immortal through stab wounds and guns and impervious to the sign of the cross. Once in awhile, something less complicated and more realistic has a deeper hold on suspense.

“The Shadow,” a short Swedish film directed by Christoffer Holst, hearkens back to a class of thriller that is well-thought out and scripted, building through action and fear. The main character meets a blind date, and the plot begins to spiral towards an end which is not always predictable. There are elements of surprise interspersed throughout the film, and Johanna Fischerstrom does an excellent job, never overplaying her character’s fear.

The only issue I have is with the use of a shaky cam at the film’s start, if only because it makes viewers aware that the effect has no relevance to the story. Otherwise, the film is well shot and edited, especially when used in enhancing the atmosphere of “The Shadow”.

Cultural notes: None. Film was picked for accomplished storyline and execution. Plot and references are universal.

Found on YouTube @

The Shadow / Skuggan (Sweden)
Crabbfilm Productions
Dir: Christoffer Holst
Cast: Johanna Fischerstrom, Kerstin Svensk, Andy Lindhe

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