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Month: March 2014

Too much, too little to date

The singles dating game is wrought with plenty of pitfalls, especially when individuals succumb to easy stereotypes. Some woman, for instance, never see the true failings of their partners while others may only want to see the material flash. In “Fritten zum Mittag,” this German comedy short explores the complications of attraction and dating through the experiences of Merle, an attractive fry cook working in a currywurst van.

I’m ready for my jury, Mr. Demille …

It is God’s honest truth that I have never wanted to serve on a jury, despite being told on numerous occasions that this would count as one of the greatest acts of citizenry. After my first experience of being questioned as a potential juror in a murder trial, there seemed nothing more frightening than handing down a guilty verdict to an assailant that kept glaring at me with his one good eye. Have these trial attorneys ever seen any Lifetime movies during “witness protection week”?

Gimme that Big Time Wrestling

On Saturdays, after Soul Train,  the Children’s Afternoon Film Festival and Girl Scouts consumed most my morning hour, my father would come home and watch Big Time Wrestling on Channel 2 (KTVU).   Hosted by Hank Renner, the guy with a nice Jerry Lee Lewis hairdo and some variation of a plaid sports coat, Big Time Wrestling was an hour-long show that featured three to four separate wrestling matches.