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Postcards on Facebook

Remember those old posters about footprints in the sand?  I hated it back then, and I have equal contempt for those postcard images on Facebook.

So many people post little postcard images that reflect their spiritual or political leaning.  I suppose this is a popular trend as the shares on these images go into the hundreds, while comments are always too numerous to read.

I am not a big fan of these images.  In fact, most of these images are politically inaccurate, while the religious ones are all about bad poetry.

“Revolutionnaire” was always my favorite postcard, back in the day when these things were printed out and sent to friends.  I kept this particular postcard on a cork board at my old job.  I was working at a law firm and wanting to do something else besides worrying about the number of lines needed on pleading paper.  It was self-expression without being too dogmatic, a simple phrase worth a thousand words.

Skeleton image courtesy of National Geographic.

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