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A “Notte Sento” to remember

Pretty girl meets attractive boy by accident, and the two spend the night out in Rome while waiting for morning. This simple idea is so beautifully filmed and acted in “Notte Sento”, an Italian short film by Daniele Napolitano.

This short film is composed of 4500+ stills created on a Canon EOS 30D camera, which brings a very unique feel to the ambiance and character movements. The evening feels vibrant, and the characters move through the settings of each scene smoothly, intertwined among columns and holding each other while on a motorbike. There is such intimacy in each shot, helping to build the romance between the two characters. I love how the director uses simple ways to convey dialogue, and both Debora Antonaci and Andrea Mauri have the charm and innocence to give this film a very light feel.

According to the film’s website, “Notte Sento” is currently competing in a few short film festivals worldwide. It also recently won the second prize at CortoWeb 9.0 in the Arcipelago Film Festival in Rome, Italy.

Cultural point: Night scenes in Rome.
Subtitles: Yes

Official Website:
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“Notte Sento”
Director: Daniele Napolitano
Cast: Debora Antonaci and Andrea Mauri
Screenplay: Stefano Gianfreda

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